Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Digital Payments


A single HUB to access banking services for Enterprise, Corporate, Institutions and SMEs customers 

The Digital Payment platform developed by Engineering is a multi-channel, multi-company, multicurrency and multilingual platform that integrates:
  • Support services: Debtor / creditor archive management, User profiling (including audit), Flow management, Monitoring of performed activities, location with time zone, procedures for acquiring flows from external procedures, including non-standard flows.
  • Cash Management services, including the full range of collection & payment products (local, SEPA, international), reporting and the complete offering of Treasury services. Products in the CBI field are available too, together with other customized banking products for banks;
  • Trade for the management of import / export documentary credits, domestic and international warranties, import / export documentary remittances. Thanks to Trade services, company's production and commercial cycle financial needs can be met, including the mitigation of typical trade risks (credit risks, political risks, exchange rates, order cancellation, transportation, etc.), sales financing or purchases, the guarantee of benefits or receipt of payments.
  • Short Term Financing for managing advanced invoices and credit transfers. This is an E2E solution shared by the bank and its customers, allowing the management of the entire workflow of advanced invoices.
  • Electronic invoicing, allowing companies that operate in Italy to outsource towards the financial institute the entire invoicing process, active and passive cycle. Further business characteristics are: extreme flexibility in the profiling and configuration of products / services (including third parties) and high adaptability to company authorization policies, with the possibility of defining approval procedures.